Bridging Program

Bridging Program

Description Fee
Daily Quarterly
Daily $ 3.50 $ 175.00
Service $ 2.00 $ 100.00
Lunch and service $ 4.50 $ 225.00
This program is for Monday to Friday


  • Nutrition food for health and intelligence
  • Comfortable place to rest
  • Reading books, listening to stories and computer science
  • Care and maintenance
  • Instructions on how to do homework
  • Watching movies related to art and music education, educational activities
  • Other Entertainment and more

Students who pay for lunch and service can use locker for free!

Bridging Program is made for students who are studying at both Aii Language Center and American Intercon School or full day. Lunch will be served to students, and the students rest in room equipped with air-conditioner, modern facilities and special care, and be trained to be independent and responsible in life.