Preschool And Kindergarten Teachers

Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers

Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers at American Intercon School

Studying in Preschool and Kindergarten provides young children with the opportunity to develop moral, physical, intellectual, linguistic, and intellectual skills through activities such as social studies, pre-writing, pre-mathematics, song, poetry, storytelling, drawing, observation, English and games studies. In addition, school provides students swimming lessons, life skills, creativity, trip, sports activities, camping, and encourages students to read by providing storybooks every week. American Intercon School is best in training young children to adapt to their rapid growth with the following features:

  • The first Khmer-American curriculum in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.
  • A variety of teaching methods to promote intellectual, emotional, thinking, moral, linguistic and physical development.
  • Activities of play, listening, speaking, reading, observation, communication, perseverance, imitation with warmth pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Grow up with both moral and general knowledge in Khmer and English.