Intercon Transportation Services

Intercon Transportation Services

Intercon Transportation Services (ITS) has been established since 2005. Our main office is at Mao Tse Tong Campus. During its first operation, ITS had only three school buses. Between 2005 and 2007, free transportation was provided for two enrolled students who came at the time. In 2008, the number of students receiving school transportation services increased, and the number of our school buses also increased to 30.

ITS is fully committed to provide a professional transportation service to our students. We truly believe that our service will assure safe and efficient pupil transportation. At present, ITS has 52 school buses to ensure the safety for our students and to make it more convenient for the busy parents. We also provide automobile repair services at Alex Quach Auto Shop which is located at Mao Tse Tong Campus, MJQE Warehouse

Our garage has skilled mechanics to offer daily car maintenance. Its services are car fixing, car spraying as well as making and applying stickers.

Plus, our car wash at Paul Quach Car Wash cater the smooth functioning of our services. Our vision is to provide a safe and sound transportation service for Aii Language Centers and American Intercon Schools. Our student's safety is our top priority. At the same time, we truly believe that our school bus services will make it more convenient for our kids and guardians to save time and money.

Our mission is to make sure we choose professional drivers and provide regular training for them. Our school buses are equipped with insurance services and have a standardized technical inspection services. We are doing our best to manage each area effectively in order to save time for our riders. We also provide automobile repairs to ensure the safety for our kids and passengers. Our ITS will ensure a good hygiene and pleasant smell at all times.

Our services at the Intercon Transportation Services

  • School bus services
  • Automobile repair services
  • Bus rental services
  • Car wash services