High School

High School

Aim to provide a pre-university course for high school students to successfully select the best-fit college they desire; we give them our utmost support through different means.

  • Promote and encourage learner autonomy through doing research and innovation under the support of a wide range of resources available in our library and modern technological facilities
  • Boost students' courage, confidence, and independency through participation in diverse competitions and social events
  • Provide students with authentic and practical knowledge in both sciences and social sciences to pass their high school exit exam with flying colors and gain required ability to pursue their favorite major at a highly qualified university
  • Inspire students to keep polishing themselves and become remarkable people who not only are capable of working but also possess great morals and ethics to act responsibly in the society.

Subjects to study

menu_book Khmer Literature language_gb_english English function Mathematics auto_stories Geography
diversity_3 Morality and Civics genetics Chemistry history History public Earth Science
science Experiment filter_alt_off Physics biotech Biology shopping_cart_checkout Economics

Extra curriculums

Optional programs: Sport

1. Karate 2. Tennis 3. Soccer
4. Volleyball 5. Basketball 6. Table Tennis
7. Swimming 8. Physical Education 9. Other sports

Optional programs: Life Skill

1. Computer 2. Music
3. Dance 4. Drawing
5. Home Economics

MRS. Manet Keak


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