Mrs. Mealdey Pen

Mrs. Mealdey Pen

Principal for Junior High School, Chbar Ampov Campus

Dear Parents, guardians, and everyone.

Mrs. Mealdey Pen was born in 1984 in Phnom Penh. She obtained a Master’s degree in Law from Asia Europe University in 2013. She had also obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Khmer Literature from Social and Human Sciences College, Royal University of Phnom Penh, before continued to get her Pedagogy in higher education at National Institute of Education in 2005. During her university years, she gained a lot of working experience through volunteering works which have helped her to develop and experience a great deal of social work and communication. In order to help develop private education sector, she has joined American Intercon School on September 17, 2007 as a Khmer Literature Teacher and homeroom teacher for high school program. Based on her ability, effort, perseverance, and love for her profession as a teacher over a period of 10 years, she was promoted to Deputy Principal for Junior High School at American Intercon School, Mae Tse Tong Campus (Head Office) on October 01, 2016. Through her diligence, hardwork and high responsibility in her role as a Deputy Principal, she has then been promoted to Principal for Junior High School on August 01, 2019.

According to her experiences in educational sector in the past 12 years, she observes that students’ knowledge, attitudes, behavior and morals is being improved with each passing year. This indicates that American Intercon School has been providing high quality of education to all of our students.

What makes her enjoys working in the institution over this long period of time is because of its high quality of education, the effective implementation of academic discipline, and good services for all the students.

She is extremely pleased and deeply grateful to the parents or guardians of all students for their continued support and trust in American Intercon School.

Lastly, she wishes you, parents and guardians, all the best and happiness in your families!